Monzo Rolls out Apple Pay and Apologizes to Users for Delay

Fintechist Monzo Apple Pay

Monzo continues to make major media headlines with relative ease. The company is one of the bigger innovators in the financial sector. Despite some delays, the company now provides support for Apple Pay. It has been in the works for some time now, but unfortunate delays pushed the launch back a bit.

It doesn’t happen all that often banks publicly apologize to customers. This is especially true when expected features roll out later than planned. This is part of the reason why outfits such as Monzo are a completely different breed in this regard. The company promised Apple Pay support some time ago. Sadly, it was delayed a bit, but the firm apologized for the delay.

Another Notch in the Belt of Monzo

Due to this rollout, users can link their Monzo card to Apple Pay with ease. It is a positive change to make online and in-store payments a lot more convenient. It was also one of the most-requested features by users over the past few months.

The Apple Pay option has been added to the native Monzo mobile app. On-screen instructions will guide users through the process which should take a few taps to complete. Another convenient integration by the challenger bank. There are also instructions for linking the card to an Apple Watch, iPad, and MacBook Pro alike.

It is evident convenience plays a big role for Monzo and its customers. So does listening to feedback and acting upon it. Other banks can learn a thing or two from companies such as Monzo in this regard. If all financial institutions took a similar approach, the industry would be in a much better place today.

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