Morgan Stanley Taps Alexa to Deliver Voice-Powered Insights

Fntechist Morgan Stanley Alexa

Most consumers use Alexa for all kinds of silly things. It can even serve as a glorified alarm clock or news broadcaster. Morgan Stanley wants to embrace this technology to provide market insights and investment ideas. A remarkable idea that will open up a lot of new opportunities moving forward.

More and more consumers rely on voice assistants at home and on the road. Alexa is by far one of the most popular solutions in this regard. The voice assistant by Amazon has made a big impact all over the world. This has attracted the attention of various financial firms. JP Morgan and TD Ameritrade already use this technology for market-moving news.

Morgan Stanley Embraces Alexa Technology

Morgan Stanley is now joining the list of banks embracing Alexa. The company plans to launch voice-powered market insights and investment ideas. Listeners will receive insights from Morgan Stanley Equity and Fixed Income Research. Other original content will be provided as well moving forward. Furthermore, users can access various podcasts discussing financial topics.

Chief US Equity Strategist and CIO for Institutional Securities and Wealth Management Mike Wilson claims:

“This new channel will allow us to easily and quickly share valuable Morgan Stanley insights. Incorporating our latest thought leadership into voice assistants is part of how we are adapting to client needs and integrating ourselves into how people increasingly consume information today.”

It will be interesting to see how consumers respond to this new offering. Voice-powered technology has tremendous potential. It is also time Alexa and consorts are used for more serious matters rather than pure entertainment and simply goofing around. Morgan Stanley may indeed be on to something in this regard.

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