National Bank of Kuwait Partners Mastercard for Biometrics Trial

Fintechist NBK Mastercard iometrics

Financial service providers are upping their game. The National Bank of Kuwait is looking at ways to use selfie pay and biometric cards. This effort will be completed in conjunction with Mastercard. The move comes at a time during which consumers are demanding more convenience and have seemingly taken a liking to biometric solutions.

The National Bank of Kuwait heads down a very interesting path. The bank acknowledges something needs to change in the security department. None of the existing solutions are foolproof or convenient. As such, a partnership with Mastercard can introduce a lot of new and exciting opportunities. Biometrics play a growing role of importance in Kuwait, thus such options make a lot of sense.

Biometrics Take Center Stage

With selfie pay and biometric cards being introduced, the future looks rather interesting. Both of these solutions solve the convenience and security concerns most consumers have. Pioneering these biometric solutions will certainly be an interesting experiment. It will also help improve in-store and online shopping in the country and abroad.

NBKs Group CEO Isam Al-Sager comments:

“Our long-standing partnership with MasterCard enables us today to introduce the most advanced and first of its kind service in the Middle East, allowing customers to use the Selfie Pay service as well as biometric cards. These new services come in line with NBK’s endeavors to offer the latest technologies in the banking sector as demand for easier and safer banking services continue to increase.”

It is not the first time biometrics make inroads in the financial sector. Various countries and banks are looking to introduce such methods. Next to Asia, the Middle East proves to be a breeding group for such newer and more secure technologies. All of these trials will pave the way for global adoption of biometric authentication technology.

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