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Nautilus Hyosung Unveils Mobile App For ATM Maintenance

by on June 14, 2016

Bank ATMs are in need of constant maintenance, yet even that situation is starting to evolve. Not because these machines will become impeccable on the software side all of a sudden, but rather due to mobile maintenance solutions. Or that is what Nautilus Hyosung has envisioned, at least.

The financial sector has to adapt to these new challenges and the era of mobile solutions. That means the infrastructure has to adapt as well, and mobile ATM maintenance is an attractive option worth exploring. Nautilus Hyosung America is thinking along those same lines, and it is interesting to see the fastest growing ATM provider in the US forcing this change.

Hyosung Creates Mobile App

There is one requirement to use the mobile application, though, as operators need to manage a Hyosung ATM. It will take several years until a cross-platform mobile solution becomes available to maintain ATMs. Every manufacturer uses their own proprietary software and hardware, and there is no universal standard for these machines.

For those who are operating a Hyosung ATM, the mobile application can be downloaded in the Google Play Store. iOS Support is expected for later this year, but no specific date has been announced yet. Once the user scans their Hyosung ATM’s unique QR code, all of the information needed will be at their disposal. This includes a lot of hardware details, as well as the latest version of software, and the address of the device’s location.

Hyosung VP of Retail Product Marketing and Planning Jason Kuhn stated:

“This app will truly revolutionize the way ATM operators and merchants interact with and manage their ATMs. There is nothing like MoniMobile on the market today that can help cut costs by giving users direct, real-time control of ATM management.”

What is even more interesting is how this mobile app can be used to troubleshoot error messages as well. Every error code will generate a QR code on the screen, which can be scanned with the new Hyosung app. Doing so will provide operators with detailed information and a solution to fix the problem.

Last but not least, Hyosung has announced they will launch an independent sales organization version of their mobile app. This particular app will include how-to videos, an option to escalate service calls, and the option to receive service requests. All in all, it appears the ATM maintenance industry will be undergoing some significant changes in the coming years.

Header image courtesy of Hyosung

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