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Never Overlook Creditbit’s CRB Token When Investing in Digital Assets

by on May 15, 2017

It has been quite an exciting week for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. A lot of digital assets gained and lost value in the process. Creditbit has seen its fair share of losses, although the asset is looking to bounce back. As more money enters the cryptocurrency world, things can get very interesting in the coming weeks. CRB Is still a valuable asset, that much is certain.

CRB Is Set For Major Gains

Over the past few weeks, there has been an influx of fresh capital in the cryptocurrency world. The overall market cap has grown from US$40bn to over US$55bn. Only a fraction of the money has been invested in Bitcoin, though. Investors are hoping to invest in other digital assets with a lot of upside potential. Any asset with a relatively small market cap will be on their radar.

Creditbit is a perfect fit in this regard. It has a relatively small market cap – under US$10m right now-  which is a positive aspect. It is an Ethereum-based asset, which will always attract some attention. Moreover, its circulating supply is kept low. Right now, the circulating supply is 12,635,606 CRB.  All of these factors combine into an attractive digital asset for investors worldwide.

It would be good for Creditbit to see some fresh capital. The value per CRB has taken a hit and dropped to US$0.77. That is quite a decline from its US$1.5 high, but it is to be expected. Creditbit is still a digital asset few people have heard of by now. Moreover, bigger cryptocurrency exchanges still refuse to list it. Although Livecoin, DABTC, and Crypto Dao are solid exchanges, an addition to Bittrex would do wonders right now.

Although things may look dire now, Creditbit will certainly bounce back. A lower entry price is good for new investors looking to diversify their digital asset holdings. Creditbit has a lot to offer and will continue to make waves in the coming months. It not a digital asset for speculators, though, as CRB is a long-term hold. Developing new features takes time, and the future is looking quite bright for Creditbit.

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