The Fintech industry is starting to gain mainstream traction as we speak. Consult Hyperion is a Fintech firm focusing on consultancy and digital payments. The company has a plan to expand its presence to the Nordic regions. Partnering with Norfico seems to be a smart decision to reach this goal.

Partnerships like these bring a lot of prestige to the table. In the case of Norfico, the collaboration with Consult Hyperion is a validation of their standing in the Nordic market. Keeping in mind how the company was only founded last year, this partnership is a significant notch in their belt.

Consult Hyperion And Norfico Target Nordic Fintech

Consult Hyperion, on the other hand, is renowned for its identity and digital payment solutions. Their consultancy services bring validity to the Fintech sector all over the world. The company staff 40 internationally recognized top-notch consultants. Bringing the Fintech industry to the Nordic region is the primary objective of this partnership.

Consult Hyperion Director of Innovation David Birch stated:

“We are delighted to be able to offer Scandinavian clients the combination of our specific expertise and Norfico’s detailed market knowledge. At a time when the retail payments sector is undergoing rapid change, we think their dedicated fintech focus is an effective way to bring our thought leadership in identity, payment, transit and inclusion into dynamic, highly-­digitised, mobile-­centric markets”.  

Norfico is quite an exciting Fintech company to keep an eye on. Given their focus on communication, PR, and strategic consulting services, they are unique in the Nordic region. By partnering with Consult Hyperion, the startup will be able to take on bigger projects in the future.

Some of the efforts by Norfico are visible already. The company launched a global fintech PR network, allowing partners to deliver communications all over the world. Adding strategic and technical services to this repertoire makes this partnership quite powerful. Moreover, it will be positive attention to the Fintech industry in general.

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