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Number Of Bitcoin Unlimited Network Nodes Reaches All-time High

by on September 15, 2016

The Bitcoin Unlimited development fork continues to attract a lot of attention as of late. With the number of network nodes reaching an all-time high, an exciting change appears on the horizon. While this is no validation of using this development branch for the future, it goes to show there are quite a few people passionate about it. Unless major mining pools embrace it, though, the community will be stuck with Bitcoin Core.

Ever since Bitcoin Unlimited was introduced, it gained some traction among cryptocurrency enthusiasts. By addressing the lingering block size issue, this development branch is trying to make Bitcoin scale. The developers also received a grant recently, which will be used to fund further development.

Bitcoin Unlimited Gains More Traction

All of this has translated into an increasing number of network nodes. Every node strengthens the network and stores a copy of the blockchain. Users who run such a node will validate transactions, and keep the network decentralized. Running a Bitcoin Unlimited node is free of charge, but there will not be a monetary reward either.

To put things into perspective, the number of Bitcoin Unlimited network nodes was on the decline lately. Up until a few days ago, the highest number of network nodes was 124. However, things started going downhill from there, despite showing some positive signs along the way.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago and the number of Bitcoin Unlimited nodes started to rise again. In fact, a new all-time high has been achieved with 132 nodes on the network right now. Compared to the nearly 4,000 “main” nodes on the overall Bitcoin network, this is still only a drop in the bucket.

That being said, it is good to see community members support the solution they prefer. Different developers have different ideas to solve the same problem. So far, it appears Bitcoin Unlimited may have the solution some people are looking for. It will be interesting to see if Bitcoin Unlimited can catch up to Bitcoin Classic over the next few weeks.

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