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Omni Foundation Finishes World’s First Financial Layer and Exchange over Bitcoin

by on December 17, 2015

Craig Sellars, CTO of the Omni Foundation, will be announcing at a panel during today’s Inside Bitcoins conference, the release of Omnicore 0.10, the asset layer over the Bitcoin blockchain, based right off of Bitcoin Core, which includes QT builds for Mac/Win/Linux that look like Bitcoin-QT but host balances for a growing array of alternative assets. This open­source project is the culmination of an 18-month development cycle for the Omni Layer protocol and comes complete with the release of Omnichest.info 0.6, a graphically-rich statistics site about activity occurring over the layer, and Omniwallet, a secure, deterministic web­wallet that is easy to use for casual investors, traders, and savers.

Sellars commented on the release:

“A lot of time and effort from several very skilled, dedicated developers made this release possible. We have succeeded in making the easiest­to­integrate Bitcoin 2.0 platform, with the most thoroughly tested decentralized exchange. Now people can host Omnicore nodes on servers to run centralized apps, or hold assets like Tether dollars in a truly decentralized way on local computers, and with this release we begin a countdown with our exchange partners to activate live trading on the decentralized exchange. This is going to mark the first time in history that people will be able to transact without any risks or middle­men.”

Examples of companies applying Omnicore: ­

  • Bitfinex: accepts/withdrawals Tether dollar tokens 1:1 for USD deposits
  • Poloniex: accepts Tether, hosts OMNI, MAID ­
  • Bittrex, C­Cex, Bter: host Tether, OMNI ­
  • GoCoin and Expresscoin: receiving Tether for processing out ­
  • La Zooz: decentralized Uber powered by a smart property on Omni Layer, using the managed property and Send­to­Owners payout as tools to make the token useful for incentivizing drivers. ­
  • Delta Business Management: issues tokens with messaging to establish KYC identification and legally sell securities backed by airport parking and storage.

    About Omni Foundation:

    www.omnilayer.org ­ originally founded as Mastercoin Foundation after the world’s first crowdsale over Bitcoin, the Omni Foundation has worked since 2013 to promote cryptocurrency and develop technology that empowers people everywhere while boosting transactions volumes on the Bitcoin network. The Foundation works with entrepreneurs in Africa and South America to proliferate use of its protocol and applications.

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