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Razormind Opens Belfast HQ And Partners With Bitcoin Association Northern Ireland

by on September 10, 2016

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Razormind, the group behind the DeOS project, have opened their new headquarter in Belfast. This location was not chosen randomly, as the company’s physical presence is located next to the City Hall. This means the team now has offices in five different countries, which seems to indicate their dedication to building a new blockchain solution.

Razormind Opens New Offices In Belfast

At the same time, Razormind also opened their first Blockchain Lab in Belfast as well. By working together with local universities, brilliant minds can focus on creating new blockchain use cases. Among the use cases being explored are banking, payments, enterprise, and industry solutions. The blockchain can be applied to just about anything in our daily lives, albeit much research and development are needed.

Razormind Director Phil Sturgeon told the media:

“We are thrilled to be in Belfast, there’s a lot of talent here and as a local myself, born and bred, I have a particular interest in developing the city. Razormind is grounded in the principle that blockchain is for everyday use and should be easy and open. Our new blockchain lab will give the city access to the business intelligence we’ve built up across the world.”

Moreover, the company is partnering with the Northern Ireland Bitcoin Association. As a result, common services will be provided to the community, all of which will promote blockchain technology. Additionally, there is a plan on the table to add more Bitcoin ATMs to strategic locations around the city.

Some people may recall the Razormind name, as they are working on DeOS. This Ethereum “competitor” serves as a decentralized operating system. For now, the release date of this project is set at October 10th. By using a modified blockchain, storing data is done in a safe and secure environment.

By the look of things, the Razormind team is on the right track to achieve great success. With the release of DeOS on the horizon, things are bound to get very exciting in the blockchain world. Northern Ireland is quickly becoming a hotspot for blockchain innovation, which is a positive trend for Europe.

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  • CryptoDevil
    October 2, 2016 at 10:49 am

    Wow are you behind the curve, J.P. !

    This whole ‘crowdsale’ ICO process was a sham involving fraudulent misrepresentation. Even the simplest of google searches should have brought up this scam thread about the whole thing for you: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1564499.msg16204099#msg16204099

    Stolen customer testimonials directly ripped from blue-chip global corporation websites and edited to make it look like they were about Razormind, outright lies about 27,000 users of this DeOS actively using and developing on the platform back in January 2015 and to top it all he failed to tell the ‘investors’ that he intended to use most of the money from this ICO for some sort of vaguely-defined ‘Blockchain Bank for poor people’, NOT on DeOS.

    Add to that the fact there was no oversight to this whole process because he repeatedly lied about the Omni Foundation overseeing it and even when Patrick Dugan reiterated to him that they do not provide oversight services for ICOs he did nothing to retract the statement from the promotional articles which were posted before and during the period he was collecting investment funds.


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