We can transform with innovative ways! Now MAVRO works on the blockchain!

MAVRO is a community of ordinary people, selflessly helping each other, a kind of Global Mutual Fund. This is the first gem of something new in the modern soulless and ruthless world of greed and profit. Our goal is not money. The goal is to destroy the unfair world financial system of the world. And blockchain was given to us to help achieve this goal!

Now, thanks to the technology of the blockchain, the system will never collapse, since the human factor is completely excluded. All transactions are transparent and the funds are distributed among all participants.

Today, the world’s financial system is nothing more than a pyramid, at the top of which is the US Federal Reserve System, which prints out dollars unregulated. Bankers involve ordinary people in credit slavery in order to receive huge profits.

According to common studies, for the past three years people worldwide have become more poor by almost 20%. They owe the bank more and more every year. People are forced to take consumer loans, forced by media and banks. Is there a way out of this endless slavery? There is! The new perfect “Mavro” system, based on the technology of blockchain, will allow each of us to
stop being a slave of the system!

MAVRO is a system where financial transactions occur at any time without restrictions and supervisory bodies. Everyone is equal to each other. The revenues are not taxed, and fraud and financial manipulation will become impossible, because all the money transactions are completely transparent.

We can do a lot in a new way! MAVRO on blockchain is a ticket to the world of new financial freedom!

The http://mavro.org website counts down before the ICO begins. All who participated in the Pre-Sale have already received tokens, as well as earned bonuses. Thank you for your activity! At the moment, MAVRO is actively negotiating with exchanges and in the near future will published exchanges, where MVR token will be placed on. Trading will be available immediately after the ICO is over (April 16, 2018).

We change the world together!

Thank you,
Mavro Team


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