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Bitcoin Bettors Can Join Many Dragon’s Tale Tournaments!

by on November 15, 2016
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Many things set Dragon’s Tale apart from other Bitcoin casinos and gambling platforms. Their rather unique selection of games is quite intriguing, and Tournaments are organized on a  regular basis. Anyone can participate in these events, all of which have their dedicated prize pool. The vast majority of these Tournaments are free to enter and can be accessed by players with smaller bankrolls.

Unlike other platforms, Dragon’s Tale Tournaments are organized by the developers and experienced platform players. Every event has its own dedicated structured prize pool, which serves as a bonus on top of regular winnings. But there is more, as most of the bets during these Tournaments are limited to small amounts, making them approachable by all types of players.

One could argue these events are very similar to freerolls offered by other bitcoin gambling platforms. However, there is a twist, as some events are limited to residents of a particular Governed Island. Other Tournaments may require an invitation to participate, although the vast majority are open to everyone.

While these Tournaments are open to most players, there are specific rules that make each event different from the other. Every tournament has its specific criteria for entry, which can be based on player levels, their Dragon’s Tale residency, or an invitation. Individual Tournaments may also focus on specific games, or sets of games, to make them more appealing.

Although Dragon’s Tale Tournaments are designed to be unique, they can occur several times in a row. It is not uncommon for specific events to repeat multiple times, depending on how the Organizers want to handle things. Quite an intriguing concept, as it will increase the number of players who visit the platform on a regular basis.

As one would come to expect, there are multiple reasons to host a Tournament in the world of Dragon’s Tale. A good amount of events are created thanks to the participation of eGenesis, who sponsor these events entirely Additionally, players can decide to sponsor tournaments as well, but only when they reached level 10 or higher. All in all, a great addition to a Bitcoin gambling platform that is unlike any other in existence today.

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