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Master Dragon’s Tale Water Wheel To Find The Right Gems!

by on September 28, 2016

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The Dragon’s Tale Bitcoin casino is one of the most unique gambling platforms one will ever find. Even though their selection of games may seem strange at first, they are all very addictive and inviting to players of all ages. Water Wheel is a fine example of that, as it combines an element of randomness with skills and luck. Big payouts await those who take on this game.

The Water Wheel on Dragon’s Tale Casino is beautifully designed. Albeit such a game does not need spectacular graphics, the layout of the game is more than just a wheel itself. There is a purpose for this wheel, and a 3D environment to set the stage for what is to come once players begin their journey.

The objective of the game is rather simple: collect gems until you have six (or more).of the same kind. But other combinations will reward users with nice sums of Bitcoin as well. Finding the gems is the main objective, and when it happens, one of the other gems on the water wheel will change.

But there is more, as there is a multiplier function in this game as well. Every now and then, a gem will drop onto the porch the player is facing. Assuming the porch fills on a winning try on the wheel, it rewards double the payout. For any Bitcoin bettor, this is a golden opportunity to score a nice profit.

Having such a game inside its own little game environment adds an immersive feeling to Water Wheel. Dragon’s Tale is making a name for itself thanks to their unique approach to Bitcoin gambling. What may appear a simple game to some people has been elevated to a game world the world has rarely ever seen.

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