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Mastering The Art of Feeding Ducks With Dragon’s Tale Duck Pond!

by on August 15, 2016

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Feeding ducks in a pond can be quite the relaxing experience. The sound of lapping water, the padding of ducks all around you, and the sheer joy of seeing them eat the bread you feed them are all unique experiences. But At Dragon’s Tale, feeding ducks can also reward players with large amounts of Bitcoin. One doesn’t simply feed the first duck one sees when it comes to Dragon’s Tale, as there is a lot more to it, to begin with.

One thing very few people seem to realize is how feeding ducks is a matter of skill, rather than being an entirely randomized event. While it is possible to throw food to random ducks at any given time, the ultimate objective should be too feed as many animals as possible. That also includes trying to reach as many ducks as possible with the limited amount of bread one has at their disposal.

Duck Pond at the Dragon’s Tale casino is not all that different from real-life experiences in this regard. Bitcoin bettors have to feed as many ducks as possible, as all of them are hungry and looking for food. Whereas one would receive gratitude and happy quacking as a reward in real life, Dragon’s Tale rewards players with Bitcoins.

To master the art of duck feeding – either at Dragon’s Tale or in real life-  one has to master several different aspects. First of all, there’s a matter of positioning. Although ducks will – generally speaking – come towards the person that feeds them, finding the right position right away will impact the future course of the feeding session.

Secondly, ducks move in a certain direction. Identifying these patterns will improve one’s chances of feeding as many animals as possible in an allotted timeframe. For players of Duck pond, this is perhaps the most important factor, as there are no second chances when throwing food in the pond.

Last but not least, the art of duck feeding hinges on finding the right moment and time to throw food on the water. If there are no ducks around, there is little point in throwing food in that direction. After all, it would just sink to the bottom, and be lost forever. Duck Pond is similar in this regard, as players have to keep all these factors in mind at all times.

Once players start to master the art of feeding ducks in a pond, a bright future awaits them. Dragon’s Tale offers some handsome rewards for those who take this game seriously and put in the time to learn the intricate workings, Duck Pond. It is an intriguing game, and well worth checking out!

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