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There are Plenty of Reasons To Get Excited About Creditbit

by on April 27, 2017

Creditbit is by far one of the most exciting projects in the cryptocurrency world right now. The project is not just about a new currency, but also the technology, it provides to users all over the world. A lot of things have been happening for Creditbit, solidifying the project’s place in the cryptocurrency industry. The value of the CRB currency is likely to further increase over the coming weeks.

Creditbit Successfully Migrates to Ethereum

It does not happen often cryptocurrency projects migrate to a different blockchain. Creditbit is one of the exceptions in this regard, and the migration has been successful. Now that Credit 2.0 has officially been established, the developers can focus on introducing new features. In fact, Creditbit will gain access to all features the Ethereum blockchain has to offer.

To be more specific, there will be a CreditDAO. This decentralized autonomous organization will facilitate the decision-making process for the community. The CreditDAO is deployed with a smart contract allowing every CRB holder to cast their vote. Moreover, this entity will be used to raise additional funds for future development and promotion. It is a clever idea, as going the DAO route ensures total transparency.

Moreover, Credit 2.0 can be used in future smart contract and decentralized applications. The Ethereum blockchain is known for its technical aspects, including smart contracts and Dapps. Migrating to the Ethereum blockchain has always been a major plan of the Creditbit roadmap. Now that this process has been completed, a bright future awaits the project’s community.

CRB Value Explodes In Recent Weeks

In other news, the native CRB token has appreciated in value by quite a bit. Earlier this year, CRBIT – now known as CRB – was worth around US$0.01. Fast forward to today, and CRB is valued at just below US$1. That is a hundredfold increase in value over the course of less than four months. No other sustainable cryptocurrency has seen such growth in such a short amount of time.

Even though CRB has seen a lot of growth, the coin is only traded across smaller cryptocurrency exchanges. Livecoin and DABTC generate most of the volume. It is only a matter of time until platforms such as Bittrex and Poloniex add CRB, by the look of things. Exchanges are always looking for new currencies to add and generate a lot of trading volume. Creditbit is doing exactly that so far.

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