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Synereo Combines The Human Element With Decentralized Technology

by on June 19, 2016

There are many different blockchain-based solutions in the world available today. That is only normal, considering the blockchain has been sparking the minds of developers and enthusiasts throughout the years. Synereo offers the best of both worlds, with a dedication to the human element in this world of powerful technological advancements.

A Brief Overview of Synereo

Embracing the decentralized and distributed aspect of the blockchain is just one part of the equation. Synereo is a platform owned by the people, where everyone can self-express themselves in the way they see fit. Moreover, all of the information gathered by this platform remains in full control of the user. The individual user still controls who can view one’s profile and content.

In this world of rapid technological advancement, grabbing the attention span of consumers is harder than before. Synereo positions itself as a framework to manage the economy of attention. Rather than seeing itself as a social network, the company acts as a social brain. Platform users are not overwhelmed with information that is not relevant to them. Instead, the data stream is shaped to reflect what the user and their social circles think is interesting and valuable.

The entire platform is built on top of distributed technology, which can run on any user’s local machine. Very few people are aware this technology has been in development for over four and a half years before being released to the public. The team prioritizes user privacy, identity ownership, data control, and anonymity above everything else.

Formally Verified Smart Contracts

The concept of a smart contract seems to be entwined with blockchain technology these days. But unlike what happened to The DAO – with their flawed smart contract technology – Synereo is doing things differently. Social contracts, as this technology is called, allow for stating and enforcing an information flow policy. Moreover, the usage of properties allows agents to ensure the information flow fits the goals of the group. More details as to how this technology works can be found in the Synereo whitepaper.

If The DAO had used proper smart contract technology – such as the one provided by Synereo – the recent attack could have been prevented. At the same time, this technology is still in the very early stages. There is still a lot of education to be done on blockchain and smart contracts; that much is certain.

Header image courtesy of Synereo

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