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Fintechist UK Christmas Shopping AI Driven

UK Consumers Trust AI-driven smart devices to do Their Christmas Shopping

by JP Buntinxon December 8, 2017
Christmas shopping is both a delightful and a dreadful time of year for consumers all over the world. Shopping at brick-and-mortar locations is borderline dangerous these days. Online shopping is quickly the new trend, but finding gifts cna still be challenging. It is expected most UK customers will rely on in-home personal assistants to help […]
Fintechist AiX AI Cryptocurrency Chatbot

AiX Introduces AI-driven Chatbot With a Strong Focus on Cryptocurrencies

by JP Buntinxon November 22, 2017
Artificial intelligence is a valuable tool in the world of finance. Various banks and other service providers are effectively experimenting with this technology right now. AiX has announced the world’s first artificial intelligence broker. This product’s sole task is bridging the gap between cryptocurrencies and traditional financial markets. Customers can access this new feature in […]

Fintechist Wells Fargo Mobile AI

Wells Fargo Announces Mobile-only AI-Driven Bank Accounts

by JP Buntinxon November 5, 2017
Mobile access to financial services is quickly becoming the new normal. Banks all over the world are struggling to adhere to this new trend. Wells Fargo is making some big waves in this regard. More specifically, they are launching a mobile-only customer account. These accounts are linked to the banks AI-based budgeting and saving app. […]
Fintechist Ingenico Group Artificial Intelligence

Ingenico Group Taps Artificial Intelligence to Bring Fraud to a Halt

by JP Buntinxon November 2, 2017
Fraud is still one of the biggest problems in the world of finance today. Solving this threat has not been easy by any means Ingenico, a well-respected group in the world of finance, has come up with a new solution. Their latest development introduces artificial intelligence for zero-fraud solutions. It is evident AI will continue […]

Fintechsit JPMorgan Chase AI

JPMorgan Chase Deploys AI to Improve Trading and Fixed-Income Revenue

by JP Buntinxon October 23, 2017
Keeping tabs on all of the trading action is difficult for most banks. JPMorgan Chase acknowledges something will need to change in this regard. As a result, they are partnering with MSX, a firm specializing in data analytics and machine learning. Artificial intelligence can be of great help in the financial sector, to say the […]
Fintechist ai Corporation Fuel Card Fraud

The ai Corporation Uses Machine Learning to Combat Fuel Card Fraud

by JP Buntinxon September 1, 2017
Fuel card fraud is a very big problem all over the world. These problems can cause major financial losses for big corporations, to say the least. Managing these risks is not all that easy, especially when relying on traditional security solutions. The ai Corporation uses machine learning to bring this type of fraud to a […]