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Fintechist Blockchain Templates Banks

Singapore Central Bank Open Sources Three Blockchain Templates

by JP Buntinxon November 14, 2017
The blockchain consortium in Singapore has received a lot of positive attention Especially the central bank is quite keen on this new technology right now. With a few projects being developed and thoroughly tested, it was time to present them to the public. The source codes of three DLT prototypes have been released earlier this […]
Fintechist Blockchain Energy Commodities

Energy Giants and Major Banks Tap Blockchain for Energy Commodities Trading Platform

by JP Buntinxon November 8, 2017
No one can deny banks all over the world favor blockchain technology. So far, most of the projects are kept under tight wraps. Various European banks are now teaming up with major energy giants. The goal is to create a blockchain-based digital platform for energy commodities trading. A rather interesting venture that may come to […]

Fintechsit AI Student Loan Debt

Banks Need to use AI to Help Millennials Address Student Loan Debt

by JP Buntinxon October 26, 2017
Student loan debt is a very real problem in the United States. Finding innovative solutions to counter this problem is not straightforward. Personetics Cognitive Banking deploys artificial intelligence to achieve this goal in a convenient manner. Quite a few banks already use their applications for many different purposes. Tackling student debt is one of the […]
Fintechist Major Aussie banks Fintech

Two Major Australian Banks Unveil new Fintech Features

by JP Buntinxon September 5, 2017
All major Australian banks have been working on new fintech solutions for some time now. These efforts have taken place behind the scenes over the past few years. Two of these banks are now ready to unveil some new features for their customers. ANZ Bank is focused on voice-based identity services, which will bring additional […]

Fintechist Blockchain Letter of Credit

Chinese Banks Unveil Blockchain-based Letter of Credit System

by JP Buntinxon July 27, 2017
Blockchain technology has a bright future in the world of finance. It remains to be seen how different institutions plan to embrace this technology, though. China CITIC Bank and Minsheng bank use the blockchain to create a letter of credit system. Both companies announced this system not too long ago. One of the first transactions […]
Blockchain Job Creation

Banks And Tech Companies Prepare For Huge Blockchain Job Market

by JP Buntinxon September 4, 2016
Most people automatically assume blockchain technology and cryptocurrency will result in job losses. While it is true a good amount of processes can be automated, there will be newer jobs on the horizon. In fact, most of the major US banks are scrambling to increase their staff. That is, assuming they have some affinity with […]