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Fintechist Biometrics Finance Canada

Canadian Consumers Consider Biometrics “Safe Enough” for Daily Financial Transactions

by JP Buntinxon January 14, 2018
Biometric security has yet to make a meaningful impact on the financial sector. Very few institutions allow such technology to be used by their consumers right now. A new Via study shows Canada may be a breeding ground for future biometric authentication tools. Consumers in that country seemingly have a keen interest in new technologies. […]
Fintechist India Biometrics ATM

India Will Experiment With Biometric-based ATM Services Soon

by JP Buntinxon January 8, 2018
Slowly but surely, biometrics make inroads in the financial sector. Some banks want to experiment with this authentication method for card payments. YES BANK in India wants to use biometrics for ATM withdrawals. It is an interesting take on things, although there are still some concerns. Financial innovation always comes at a cost in one […]

Fintechist Maybank Biometric Authentication

Malaysia’s Maybank Introduces Additional Biometric Authentication Options for Mobile app

by JP Buntinxon November 25, 2017
Financial institutions all over the world are looking for new authentication methods. How this needs to be tackled, remains to be determined. MayBank, one of Malaysia’s major banks, is looking at this problem with a multi-pronged approach. More specifically, they introduced three new authentication methods for mobile banking logins. Face verification, voice authentication, and fingerprint […]
Fintechist India Biometrics Finance

India Makes Biometric Bank Account Authentication Mandatory

by JP Buntinxon October 8, 2017
India has been making some inroads when it comes to the future of finance. Several of the recent changes in the country have gotten a lot of attention. That doesn’t mean there is going to happen much of a “shift” in this country, though. After all, India will put itself on the map in one […]

AU10TIX Deep Learning Facial Recognition

AU10TIX Improves Facial Recognition Technology With Deep Learning

by JP Buntinxon September 12, 2016
The world of finance continues to evolve around the clock. Authentication and identification are two primary points of focus, to reduce fraud. AU10TIX, an Israeli company, released their Advanced Deep-Learning Beta. This particular tool increases accuracy for face comparison related to ID documentation. When verifying a person’s identity, they will usually send a picture or […]