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Bitcoin Price Breaks Fresh Ground, Corrects: What’s Next?

by Samuel Raeon December 8, 2017
During the session on Thursday, the bitcoin price broke through a whole range of fresh key levels. First, we saw $14,000 break. Then $15,000, then $16,000 all the way up to $19,000 before things eventually turned around and we saw a pretty steep correction. Exactly what was driving the action is unclear however there is a […]
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Bitcoin Price Drops by Nearly $2.000 After Reaching new All-time High

by JP Buntinxon November 29, 2017
As was somewhat to be expected, the Bitcoin price is going through a massive correction right now. After successfully surpassing $11,000 earlier today, the market suddenly turned rather sour. Right now, we see the Bitcoin price head to below $9,000 in quick succession. All other currencies are suffering as well, which is only to be […]

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Here’s What Bitcoin At $10,000 Means

by Samuel Raeon November 28, 2017
It is looking increasingly like bitcoin is about to break the $10,000 mark on the major exchanges and this has some profound implications for not just bitcoin but the entire cryptocurrency and digital asset space going forward. Here is a look at what this means and what to expect. When price breaks through a major […]
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Here’s Our Take On What’s Happening With The Bitcoin Price Right Now

by Samuel Raeon November 13, 2017
Over the last few weeks, the bitcoin price has been something of a roller-coaster. We initially saw price run up to just shy of $8000 a piece as the markets headed into the proposed hard fork (Seqwit2X) but then a shock hit press – the fork was canceled and things would be moving forward as […]

Here’s A Look At The Bitcoin Price From A Bias Theory Angle

by Samuel Raeon November 10, 2017
The bitcoin price has spent the last few months rocketing to current levels and this has brought with it a host of different layers of expectation. Some believe price will continue to rise. Some believe that the current run is nothing but an asset bubble and that- inevitably, as bubbles do – we’re going to […]

France Set To Outline Positioning On ICOs

by Samuel Raeon October 9, 2017
The global response to the using of cryptocurrency and a blockchain to raise funds for a startup (or growth within an existing entity) by way of an initial coin offering (ICO) has been mixed. China has banned ICOs outright. Other nations, Canada for example, have decided to take a step back and let the market […]