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Fintechist Singapore Distributed Ledger Technology

Singaporean Central Bank has High Hopes for Distributed Ledger Technology

by JP Buntinxon October 12, 2017
Distributed ledger technology is of the utmost importance to financial banks all over the world. In Singapore, these efforts are mainly led by the central bank. That is pretty interesting, considering how central banks often frown upon blockchain technology. With the help of Accenture, Singapore will look into new DLT prototypes moving forward. It will […]
Fintechist Filipino Central bank Bitcoin Exchanges

Filipino Central Bank Grants Licenses to two Cryptocurrency Exchanges

by JP Buntinxon August 21, 2017
The Philippines is a region quite prone to disruption by the fintech industry. Digital payments and even cryptocurrencies are making some big waves in this country right now. The local central bank has issued its first-ever cryptocurrency exchange licenses. This is a positive development, all things considered. It also shows the central bank wants to […]

Fintechist_Fintech Growth India

Central Bank of India Greenlights Fintech Efforts

by JP Buntinxon June 8, 2016
Many companies see India as a breeding ground for the future of commerce. Instead of relying on e-commerce, like most other countries, India has jumped straight to m-commerce. This shift opens up exciting opportunities for Fintech startups. Even more so now that the country‚Äôs central bank wants to explore the potential of Fintech. It is […]