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Fintechist Creditbit 2.0

Buy Creditbit Now Before It Jumps Back to Over US$1 per CRB!

by JP Buntinxon May 10, 2017
During these times of extreme Bitcoin value gains, it is important to keep diversifying one’s portfolio. Creditbit still makes for an excellent investment while the price remains below US$1. Right now, one CRB is valued at US$0.0968, but there is nothing preventing it from going over the US$1.25 mark in the near future. The community […]
Fintechist Creditbit

There are Plenty of Reasons To Get Excited About Creditbit

by JP Buntinxon April 27, 2017
Creditbit is by far one of the most exciting projects in the cryptocurrency world right now. The project is not just about a new currency, but also the technology, it provides to users all over the world. A lot of things have been happening for Creditbit, solidifying the project’s place in the cryptocurrency industry. The […]