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Fintechist Russian hackers $10m Heist

Russian Hackers Steal $10m Over two Years Without Raising Alarms

by JP Buntinxon December 11, 2017
Russian hackers have made plenty of media headlines over the past two years. In most cases, it has something to do with alleged election manipulation. However, Russian hackers are also active in the financial sector. It seems one of the stealthiest crime rings has successfully stolen $10m from various financial and legal firms. This theft […]
Fintechist Latin America ATM Jackpotting

Latin America Sees an Improved Approach to ATM Jackpotting

by JP Buntinxon October 7, 2017
Bank ATMs continue to attract a lot of criminals as of late. Especially in Latin America, things are going from bad to worse. A lot of local underground hacking forums focus on automated teller machines. Coming up with more effective ways to steal money is not all that easy, mind you. Using brute force is […]