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Bitcoin Unlimited Network Nodes

Number Of Bitcoin Unlimited Network Nodes Reaches All-time High

by JP Buntinxon September 15, 2016
The Bitcoin Unlimited development fork continues to attract a lot of attention as of late. With the number of network nodes reaching an all-time high, an exciting change appears on the horizon. While this is no validation of using this development branch for the future, it goes to show there are quite a few people […]
Synereo AMP Hype Pump

Native Synereo Currency AMP Gets Pumped Ahead of Platform Launch

by JP Buntinxon August 29, 2016
Ever since the announcement was made about the Synereo alpha release, the native currency has seen a significant price increase. AMP, as this native platform currency is called, can be traded across various exchanges. With lower trading volume, volatile price swings are not difficult to achieve. But people should not get overexcited about an alpha […]


WAVES – The Asset And Custom Token Blockchain Platform

by JP Buntinxon April 30, 2016
This is a sponsored article, paid for by the WAVES marketing team. Always invest at your own risk. The cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem has been attracting a lot of attention as of late, and WAVES wants to become the ultimate asset and customer token platform using this technology. The name was aptly chosen, as the […]

Why You Should Take Notice of Ethereum And The ETH Price

by JP Buntinxon March 14, 2016
Digital currency will make a big impact on the financial world, regardless of how it will be implemented and adopted by institutions and consumers. Even though people are still on the fence about Bitcoin, Ethereum seems to be gaining a lot of attention as of late. Even more robust blockchain technology combined with decentralized autonomous […]