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Fintechist Financial Markets Trends 2018

3 Major Trends Will Affect Financial Markets in 2018

by JP Buntinxon December 22, 2017
It is evident the year 2017 wasn’t too great for traditional financial markets. More specifically, the growing and shifting demands by consumers have resulted in a few curveballs. Technology plays an ever-growing role in the future of finance as we speak. It is only normal some of these trends will be well worth keeping an […]
Fintechist Distributed Ledger Technology Regulation

Industry Experts Advise FCA to not Introduce Additional Distributed Ledger Technology Regulation

by JP Buntinxon December 17, 2017
Everyone is keeping close tabs on the distributed ledger technology industry. The FCA has been looking for public comments from stakeholders since April of 2017. After a long period, 47 reasons have been collected. It is good to see so many different experts weigh in on this topic at such a crucial stage. Regulating DLT […]

Fintechist DLT Hype Bubble

DTCC CEO Warns About the DLT Bubble

by JP Buntinxon December 13, 2017
Even though most financial experts claim Bitcoin is in a bubble, there may be an even bigger problem. More specifically, the hype associated with DLT is very real and growing out of hand as well. The US Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation grows concerned over what this technology is effectively capable of. A lot of […]
Fintechsit Deutsche Bank Blockchain

Deutsche Bank Praises Blockchain After Slamming Cryptocurrencies

by JP Buntinxon December 10, 2017
It has been an interesting week for Deutsche Bank. After criticizing the lack of cryptocurrency regulation, the institution sang the praises of blockchain technology. According to insiders, the potential for this technology is huge. In fact, it may even reshape the financial sector as we know it today. It is evident banks see Bitcoin technology […]

Fintechist Tieto Blockchain

Tieto Lauches Blockchain Solutions Business Unit

by JP Buntinxon November 30, 2017
Blockchain technology has been of great interest to many different companies. It is evident this form of technology will make a decent impact in the next decade or so. Tieto is the latest company to successfully launch a new unit focus on this technology. The Blockchain Solutions business unit will be of great interest to […]
Fintechist BBVA DLT Letters of Credit

BBVA Trials DLT to Speed up Authorization of International Trade Transactions

by JP Buntinxon November 27, 2017
Blockchain technology continues to make inroads in the financial sector. BBVA has always been a big fan of this new technology. As of right now, the financial institution is trialing a blockchain-based solution for Letters of Credit. It is not the first time we see such a venture in the financial sector whatsoever. Reducing the […]