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Fintechist Coinbase Apology Bitcoin

Coinbase Apologizes for Degraded Performance During Massive Bitcoin Trading Spree

by JP Buntinxon December 9, 2017
Cryptocurrency enthusiasts have noted how the big exchanges remain unreliable. More specifically, the same companies are always running into issues due to insufficient infrastructure upgrades. Coinbase has a rich history in this regard, and they experienced degraded performance once again last night. The company is happy about their user growth, but they can’t keep up […]

How to Choose the Right Cryptocurrency Exchange?

by JP Buntinxon December 7, 2017
Choosing the right cryptocurrency exchange can make a world of difference for an investor. Everything from the exchange fees to the quality of the services help an investor rate an exchange. If you are looking for the right exchange then a good place to begin is where you will find detailed reviews related to […]

Fintechist BTC-E Bitcoin Withdrawals

BTC-E to Resume Bitcoin Withdrawals Later Today

by JP Buntinxon September 2, 2017
Cryptocurrency enthusiasts all over the world have kept an eye on the BTC-E proceedings Since the domain has been seized, the company has been struggling. Moreover, they control just over half of the funds belonging to their customers Just yesterday, the goal was to enable withdrawals once again. ¬†Whether or not things will go according […]
Fintechist Filipino Central bank Bitcoin Exchanges

Filipino Central Bank Grants Licenses to two Cryptocurrency Exchanges

by JP Buntinxon August 21, 2017
The Philippines is a region quite prone to disruption by the fintech industry. Digital payments and even cryptocurrencies are making some big waves in this country right now. The local central bank has issued its first-ever cryptocurrency exchange licenses. This is a positive development, all things considered. It also shows the central bank wants to […]

Fintechist bitFlyer Expansion US

Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchange bitFlyer Expands to the United States

by JP Buntinxon August 19, 2017
Things are constantly changing in the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Some companies look to expand whereas others are concerned over their current offerings. bitFlyer, a Japanese cryptocurrency trading platform, will expand to the US very soon. That is quite a surprising turn of events, as no one saw this change coming. It turns out […]
Fintechist Coinbase Series D Funding

Bitcoin Exchange Coinbase Raises US$100m in Series D Funding

by JP Buntinxon August 11, 2017
Companies involved in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency often raise a lot of money. Funding rounds for such enterprises often reach well into the eight-digit region. Coinbase, one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges, secured another US$100m in Series D funding. An interesting timing as the company is suffering from customer support issues right now. This new capital […]