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Fintechist India Biometrics ATM

India Will Experiment With Biometric-based ATM Services Soon

by JP Buntinxon January 8, 2018
Slowly but surely, biometrics make inroads in the financial sector. Some banks want to experiment with this authentication method for card payments. YES BANK in India wants to use biometrics for ATM withdrawals. It is an interesting take on things, although there are still some concerns. Financial innovation always comes at a cost in one […]
Fintechist PayPal India Expansion

PayPal Embarks on a Mission to Make an Impact in India

by JP Buntinxon November 9, 2017
PayPal is a global payment processing company. Everyone who has ever bought or sold something online will be familiar with the company name.. Surprisingly, it has been difficult for this entity to make a big impact in India. Digital payments are thriving in this part of the world and competition is heating up. Thanks to […]

India Looks Set For A Harsh Stance On Bitcoin

by Samuel Raeon November 8, 2017
The adoption of bitcoin in Asia has been a real hit and miss affair over the last few months. We’ve seen governments in China completely denounce cryptocurrency and the industry that underpins it, banning bitcoin mining, closing down exchanges and forcing ICOs to return the cash they raised from investors. In contrast, we’ve seen the […]
Fintechist India Biometrics Finance

India Makes Biometric Bank Account Authentication Mandatory

by JP Buntinxon October 8, 2017
India has been making some inroads when it comes to the future of finance. Several of the recent changes in the country have gotten a lot of attention. That doesn’t mean there is going to happen much of a “shift” in this country, though. After all, India will put itself on the map in one […]

Fintechist Google Tez India

Google Brings Mobile Payment App Tez to India

by JP Buntinxon September 18, 2017
India is proving to be a great area when it comes to new forms of payment. Especially mobile payments are quickly taking off in the country as we speak. Entering this market as a foreign entity is not straightforward by any means, though. In fact, most companies ultimately fail to gain any sort of traction […]
Fintechist India Fintech Panel

Indian Securities Regulator Launches Fintech Panel to Embrace Innovation

by JP Buntinxon August 5, 2017
Fintech panels are slowly becoming the new norm all over the world. Every nation in the world acknowledges financial innovation will materialize in one way or another. India’s securities regulator is setting up a fintech panel as we speak. This panel will help the application of technology in local financial markets. An interesting decision that […]