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Here’s What This Venture Capitalist Thinks Of Jamie Dimon

by Samuel Raeon October 23, 2017
Jamie Dimon, the boss at J.P. Morgan Chase, has been a divisive figure the bitcoin space over the last couple of months. Many reading will likely already be familiar with his claim that bitcoin is a fraudulent asset and that it is doomed to failure, as well as his suggestion that anybody found trading bitcoin […]
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Bitcoin Has Recovered, Dimon Has Not

by Samuel Raeon October 10, 2017
J.P. Morgan chief Jamie Dimon has earned his fair share of criticism in the bitcoin space over the last couple of months and rightly so – his suggestion that bitcoin is a fraud compounded action seen on the back of Chinese regulatory action and sent the price of bitcoin tumbling throughout September. Bitcoin has now […]

Now It’s JP Morgan That’s A Fraud And The Courts Say It’s Official

by Samuel Raeon September 27, 2017
This time a few weeks ago, JP Morgan head Jamie Dimon now infamously (in the bitcoin space, at least) offered up his feelings on bitcoin and the cryptocurrency sector as a whole at an industry conference. His comments basically outlined the fact that he feels bitcoin is a fraudulent asset, if an asset at all, […]