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Fintechist Malware Taiwanese Bank $60m

Major Malware Attack Costs Taiwanese Bank $60m

by JP Buntinxon October 10, 2017
Consumers are not the only ones facing malware threats these days. Banks and financial institutions are also very prone to malicious attacks. One such attack cost a Taiwanese bank $60m in funds. Hackers infiltrated the bank’s servers and deployed malware. As a result, they were able to siphon off $60m through the Swift network. Not […]
Fintechist Latin America ATM Jackpotting

Latin America Sees an Improved Approach to ATM Jackpotting

by JP Buntinxon October 7, 2017
Bank ATMs continue to attract a lot of criminals as of late. Especially in Latin America, things are going from bad to worse. A lot of local underground hacking forums focus on automated teller machines. Coming up with more effective ways to steal money is not all that easy, mind you. Using brute force is […]

Fintechist UK Financial Fraud Reduction

The UK Sees a Small Reduction in Financial Fraud Compared to 2016

by JP Buntinxon September 29, 2017
Financial fraud is of great concern to every single country in the world. Fighting this trend has proven to be very difficult as of late. Surprisingly enough, the UK is making some real progress in this department. More specifically, the region reduced financial fraud losses by 8%. A positive trend, although it is only a […]
Cry Ransomware

Bitcoin Ransomware Cry Makes Life Difficult For Security Researchers

by JP Buntinxon September 7, 2016
Ransomware remains a very grave threat to financial service providers and consumers. Criminals are targeting anyone and everyone with their attacks as of late. Cry, a new form of ransomware recently spotted by security researchers, could have a significant impact. The malware disguises itself as a message from the Central Security Treatment Organization. Although this […]

NASCAR Bitcoin Ransomware

NASCAR Team Falls Victim To Bitcoin Ransomware

by JP Buntinxon June 29, 2016
Bitcoin ransomware is a grave threat affecting consumers and enterprises alike. The number of malware attacks is on the rise month over month, and far too few devices and networks have adequate protection. NASCAR Team Circle Sport-Leavine Family Racing found that out the hard way, as they were forced to pay a US$500 Bitcoin ransom. […]
Fintechist_Skimer ATM Malware

Skimer Malware Turns Bank ATMs Into Card Skimmers

by JP Buntinxon May 18, 2016
ATM skimming is a serious threat to consumers all over the world, as criminals look to defraud both customers and financial institutions alike. A new malware strain, called Skimer, turns an entire ATM into a skimming device without additional hardware requirements. Skimer ATM Malware Makes A Return It is not the first time Skimer ATM […]