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Fintechist mPRIME SIX

SIX Introduces mPRIME Mobile Point of Sale Terminal for Swiss Retailers

by JP Buntinxon November 28, 2017
Mobile payments are of great interest to both consumers and retailers. However, the number of places where one can pay with a mobile device is still fairly limited. SIX plans to change all that through their new mobile PoS. The device is called as mPRIME, which introduces maximum flexibility to both merchants and traders. Another […]
Fintechist Wells Fargo Mobile AI

Wells Fargo Announces Mobile-only AI-Driven Bank Accounts

by JP Buntinxon November 5, 2017
Mobile access to financial services is quickly becoming the new normal. Banks all over the world are struggling to adhere to this new trend. Wells Fargo is making some big waves in this regard. More specifically, they are launching a mobile-only customer account. These accounts are linked to the banks AI-based budgeting and saving app. […]

Fintechist Paytm Mobile Chat Android

Paytm Enables a Chat Feature for all Android Users

by JP Buntinxon November 3, 2017
We have seen multiple messaging apps integrate payment functionality. So far, this decision has worked out for most companies making the switch. Paytm, an Indian mobile wallet giant, is doing things in reverse. They are adding a chat feature to their app in this highly competitive space. An interesting decision, which will hopefully benefit consumers […]
Fintechist Bancontact Contactless

Bancontact Brings Contactless Payments to Belgian Android Phone users

by JP Buntinxon October 25, 2017
Consumers in Belgium are used to the Bancontact payment solution. Though this protocol, they can complete purchases with bank and other payment cards accordingly. It is one of the biggest payment schemes in all of Belgium as of right now. In an effort to remain competitive, the company introduced a new feature. Starting today, consumers […]

Fintechist Payment Cards Decline

Worldpay Report Shows Payment Cards Will be Trumped by Other Solutions in Five Years

by JP Buntinxon October 18, 2017
Most people are well aware of how payment cards are already on the way out. Although this payment method is still somewhat novel in developing countries, the rest of the world has moved on. More specifically, mobile and e-commerce solutions no longer rely as much as on card payments. World’s annual Global payments Report paints […]
Fintechist China QR Codes

Chinese Consumers Clearly Favor QR Codes Over Cash Payments

by JP Buntinxon September 10, 2017
If there is one country in the world potentially dumping cash, it has to be China. Over the past few years, digital payments have become the new normal. Shoppers use smartphones to buy everything they can, as long as they can scan QR codes. These codes are supported by many different local payment service providers. […]