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Yandex Browser Financial Data

Yandex Browser Keeps Online Banking and Payments Details Safe

by JP Buntinxon September 15, 2016
Online banking is quickly becoming the new hot trend in fintech these days. Yandex, a leading mobile and internet search provider, is doing things a bit differently, By creating a built-in browser AI, the company will secure details transmitted during this online banking session. An interesting way to prevent data theft, but how does the […]

FinTech Industry Shows Why Online Banking Is Not Meant For Mass Consumption

by JP Buntinxon December 31, 2015
Many people in the financial sector see the benefits of FinTech innovation, yet it is hard to come up with use cases that will gain mass adoption overnight. Most FinTech companies are looking at ways to come up with new payment methods, rather than thinking about making the current solutions safer. Truth be told, there […]

Tencent’s WeBank and WeChat Projects Make Waves In The Financial Sector

by JP Buntinxon November 20, 2015
When e-commerce giants venture into the world of online banking, there are usually two potential outcomes. Either this venture is a complete failure, and the e-commerce giant takes a major financial hit. But in some cases, pushing ahead is the only option, and eventually, great things will happen. Tencent’s WeBank is firing on all cylinders, […]