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Fintechist Wells Fargo Data Leak

Wells Fargo Leaks Sensitive Data of 50,000 Top Clients

by JP Buntinxon July 25, 2017
Financial institutions do not have the best of reputations when it comes to keeping information same. More specifically, data leaks are somewhat common in this sector. Wells Fargo is the latest institution to do exactly that. Around 50,000 of its top clients had their details exposed recently. Considering how the bank saw a major scandal […]
PIVx Privacy Cryptocurrency

PIVx Is The Next Generation of Fungible And Privacy-Centric Digital Currencies

by JP Buntinxon January 4, 2017
Privacy has proven difficult to come by in the world of cryptocurrency. Many people mistakenly believe Bitcoin and Ethereum offer privacy, while they only provide pseudonymity. But other alternative cryptocurrencies can provide privacy-centric features to its users. PIVx, formerly known as Darknet, is a currency that borrows some traits from DASH. Its set of features […]

GreenAddress Blockstream

Bitcoin Wallet Provider GreenAddress Has Been Acquired By Blockstream

by JP Buntinxon July 28, 2016
Another big acquisition took place in the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency last night. GreenAddress, one of the many Bitcoin wallet software providers, has been acquired by Blockstream., a company known for developing Bitcoin solutions. This new acquisition will strengthen both companies’ efforts to prioritize privacy, convenience, and security. Although not everyone has ever used […]
Fintechist_Synereo Blockchain Smart Contracts

Synereo Combines The Human Element With Decentralized Technology

by JP Buntinxon June 19, 2016
There are many different blockchain-based solutions in the world available today. That is only normal, considering the blockchain has been sparking the minds of developers and enthusiasts throughout the years. Synereo offers the best of both worlds, with a dedication to the human element in this world of powerful technological advancements. A Brief Overview of […]

Fintechist_Ecommerce Security Privacy

Privacy and Security Determine US Household Ecommerce Behavior

by JP Buntinxon May 30, 2016
Security remains of the utmost importance to consumers all over the world. So much even that it is influencing their online shopping behavior. A new report by the US Department of Commerce shows how the lack of trust in privacy and security will result in declining ecommerce activity. With so many online shopping platforms to […]
Fintechist_Artificial Intelligence Fintech

Artificial Intelligence – Valuable And Dangerous Ally For Fintech

by JP Buntinxon May 29, 2016
Over the past few months, there has been a lot of discussions regarding the future of artificial intelligence in the financial sector. While there is a lot of innovation to be explored in this area, it is not certain how well this will translate to Fintech solutions. As is the case with any innovation, there are […]