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Fintechist Australia Fintech Startups

Australia’s Fintech Scene is Firing on all Cylinders Despite Mounting Challenges

by JP Buntinxon November 4, 2017
Fintech is a booming industry in Australia right now.After a few difficult years, things are finally heading in the right direction. Median revenue has almost tripled and local companies are gaining global recognition. Moreover, startups are effectively rivaling banks, which is a positive sign. The Annual FinTech Australia Census report by Ernst & Young is […]
O'Melveny Einat Meisel

Leading Israeli Tech Lawyer Einat Meisel Joins O’Melveny Silicon Valley Office

by JP Buntinxon September 14, 2016
Over the past few years, there has been a strong focus on the number of women in the tech industry. While it is true this is a male-dominated world, there are a lot of talented women excited about technology as well. O’Melveny, one of the many Silicon Valley-based tech companies, attracted Einat Meisel, a leading […]

Fintechist_Singapore Switzerland Fintech Treaty

Singapore and Switzerland Sign Treaty To Bolster Fintech Innovation

by JP Buntinxon September 13, 2016
A new agreement between Singapore and Switzerland will focus on Fintech regulation. Regulators from both countries decided to cooperate, allow startups to flourish. Regulation in the fintech sector can be a good thing, but too many startups are encumbered by strict guidelines. This new agreement should alleviate some of those concerns. The Monetary Authority of […]
Fintech 2.0

A Look Ahead At What The Era of Fintech 2.0 May Hold

by JP Buntinxon August 29, 2016
Although the fintech industry has only just started to gain momentum, industry experts are looking towards the future. Right now, we are in the midst of the second wave of fintech innovation. After startups doing all of the legwork, financial institutions are leveraging these ideas. So what does the future of Fintech 2.0 hold for […]

Fintech Investment India

Fintech Startups In India Received US$186m in Funding So Far

by JP Buntinxon August 20, 2016
The payment industry in India has been quite interesting to keep an eye on. With a strong focus on mobile, and a surge in Fintech startups, exciting things are bound to happen. The payment landscape is changing, and the future is looking very bright right now. Cashless payment solutions seem the right way to go, […]
ING Startup Accelerator

ING Values Kids Counsel Opinion For New Startup Accelerator

by JP Buntinxon August 14, 2016
ING Is one of those financial institutions who like to do things a bit differently. By pairing external startups with in-house teams, they plan to revamp their accelerator offering. Being part of such an initiative as a startup is about more than getting funded or being guided. It is equally important to prepare these up-and-coming […]