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Fintechist Swiss Sewage Gold

Around $2m Worth of Gold Passes Through Switzerland’s Sewage System Every Year

by JP Buntinxon October 11, 2017
The world has seen many investment vehicles throughout the years. Gold will always remain very popular among investors in this regard. However, around 95 pounds worth of bullion flows through the Swiss sewage system every single year. That is pretty significant, to say the least. It is unclear why this is happening, though. New research […]

Here’s What The Chiasso Development Means For Bitcoin

by Samuel Raeon September 11, 2017
A small town in Switzerland is attempting to leverage the explosive rise of bitcoin and the cryptocurrency space as a whole over the last 12 months and, in doing so, attempting to become a global epicenter of the cryptocurrency revolution. Chiasso, population of around 8,000 at last count, is a municipality in the district of […]

Fintechist_Singapore Switzerland Fintech Treaty

Singapore and Switzerland Sign Treaty To Bolster Fintech Innovation

by JP Buntinxon September 13, 2016
A new agreement between Singapore and Switzerland will focus on Fintech regulation. Regulators from both countries decided to cooperate, allow startups to flourish. Regulation in the fintech sector can be a good thing, but too many startups are encumbered by strict guidelines. This new agreement should alleviate some of those concerns. The Monetary Authority of […]
Fintechist_CREALOGIX Group

CREALOGIX Group Report Shows Continuous Growth And Fintech Expansion

by JP Buntinxon March 23, 2016
There is no denying Fintech is a booming industry, and early adopters in this market are seeing a healthy growth over the past few years. CREALOGIX group is the market leader in digital banking, thanks to their development of innovative Fintech solutions. Based on their latest half-year results, things are looking very promising for this […]