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Here’s Who’s Taking Dimon To Task Over His Bitcoin Comments

by Samuel Raeon September 21, 2017
That J.P. Morgan Chase boss Jamie Dimon isn’t the most popular guy in cryptocurrency right now is old news. His comments last week labeling bitcoin as fraudulent and suggesting that the cryptocurrency is doomed to long-term failure not only demonstrated that the wider banking industry is concerned about the meteoric rise of cryptocurrency and its […]

The First Investment Fund In Canada Just Picked Up BCSC Registration

by Samuel Raeon September 7, 2017
This week we have had a number of firsts in the bitcoin space. On Tuesday, news hit press that the first property development that would be priced in bitcoin was set to start construction in Dubai. On the same day, we learned that the Russian government had okayed the first ever platform in Russia over […]

Blockchain Job Creation

Banks And Tech Companies Prepare For Huge Blockchain Job Market

by JP Buntinxon September 4, 2016
Most people automatically assume blockchain technology and cryptocurrency will result in job losses. While it is true a good amount of processes can be automated, there will be newer jobs on the horizon. In fact, most of the major US banks are scrambling to increase their staff. That is, assuming they have some affinity with […]
Law Enforcement Deep Web

Law Enforcement Lacks Proper Mindset To Tackle Deep Web

by JP Buntinxon July 18, 2016
The deep web continues to thrive all over the world, which is causing major headaches for law enforcement agencies. As the number of underground marketplaces continues to grow, it becomes harder to shut them down in a convenient manner. The lack of manpower, as well as less-than-stellar skills being used, are not helping matters either. […]

Crackle StartUp GenCoin

Crackle’s Bitcoin-Themed Show StartUp Premieres September 6

by JP Buntinxon July 14, 2016
A few months ago, news broke about a new original series airing on the Crackle platform later this year. The theme of this new show seemed to revolve around cryptocurrency and features an amazing cast. However, when the trailer was released, not too many details regarding StartUp were made available to the public. ¬†As the […]
Card Fraud

Bringing Card Fraud To A Halt Requires Collaboration

by JP Buntinxon June 27, 2016
Putting an end to card fraud remains an ongoing battle for financial institutions and card issuers. With so many different attack vectors at the disposal of Internet criminals, plugging holes is no longer a viable option. In the end, it is a cat-and-mouse game between security researchers and fraudsters, a battle which is won by […]