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The DAO ETC Funds Secure

The DAO Token Holders May See 7m ETC Returned To Them

by JP Buntinxon August 10, 2016
Over the past few days, there was some confusion as to what happened to 7 million Ethereum Classic Coins. This fund was obtained by “hacking” The DAO a few weeks ago. It appears there was a battle between white hat hackers and the DAO assailant. Up until now, no one has anybody idea who officially […]

Jaxx Developers Hint At Upcoming DASH Integration

by JP Buntinxon August 7, 2016
Cryptocurrency wallet providers need to remain on their game at all times. The demands and preferences of crypto users are constantly shifting. Just focusing on supporting one or two currencies is no longer a viable business model. Jaxx, one of the most popular cross-platform wallet solutions, will be adding DASH support shortly. Most people in […]

Ethereum Classic The DAO Bailout

Ethereum Classic Gains Support In Wake of The DAO Bailout

by JP Buntinxon July 24, 2016
People who have been keeping an eye on the Ethereum ecosystem may have heard there is some dismay about the recent hard fork.Several developers have created an Ethereum Classic client, which upholds the anti-censorship aspect of this popular cryptocurrency. While many people thought this would be a failed project, Ethereum Classic is gaining some legitimacy. […]
Fintechist_The DAO

The DAO Loses Ethereum Funds Through Smart Contract Vulnerability

by JP Buntinxon June 18, 2016
Software-based solutions are far from perfect, and Ethereum-based project The DAO found that out the hard way. For all of the promise smart contracts hold, the technology needs to be put through the wringer first. After the project started losing funds all of a sudden due to a code exploit, calamity ensued across cryptocurrency exchanges. […]

Fintechist_The DAO BTC Markets

BTC Markets To Add Support For Trading ‘The DAO’ Tokens

by JP Buntinxon May 20, 2016
Global Bitcoin exchange BTC Markets will add support for ‘The DAO’ tokens on the 28th May 2016. The platform will allow users to trade Bitcoin and Ethereum for ‘The DAO’ tokens. The addition of ‘The DAO’ to the platform follows the recent addition of Ethereum. Managing Director, Jarrod Crane said the decision to support ‘The […]