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HolyTransaction Shuts Down

Cryptocurrency Wallet Provider HolyTransaction To Shut Down Soon

by JP Buntinxon September 13, 2016
The Bitcoin world is always filled with surprises. In some cases, there is some less positive news to report. HolyTransaction, a platform known for their cryptocurrency wallet service, will be shutting down. September 30th will be the final day of operation, and users are advised to move their funds off the platform. The company has […]
ABN Amro Bitcoin Wallet Hoax

Rumor About ABN Amro Developing A Bitcoin Wallet Is A Hoax

by JP Buntinxon September 9, 2016
The cryptocurrency world was in a state of shock yesterday due to a false news story. A statement on the ABN Amro claimed the Dutch bank was working on a prototype cryptocurrency wallet. Many people saw this as a validation of Bitcoin as a useful currency. As it turns out, this news was deleted shortly […]

BItOasis Bitcoin Dubai

BitOasis Brought Bitcoin Trading To Dubai And Is Doing Quite Well

by JP Buntinxon September 6, 2016
Bitcoin exchange platforms are popping up all over the world these days. Dubai, one of the hotbeds of piles of money, welcomes a new cryptocurrency exchange. BitOasis, a company that started out as a Bitcoin wallet and evolved into a trading business, set up shop in Dubai a while ago. In doing so, they became […]
BlockTrail Is Hiring

Bitcoin Wallet Provider BlockTrail Is Hiring Full-Time Software Engineers

by JP Buntinxon August 15, 2016
Many people would like to work in the field of Bitcoin, either as a developer or otherwise. In fact, the cryptocurrency world is a very booming industry right now, with plenty of companies hiring new staffers. BlockTrail, a company, known for their powerful and convenient Bitcoin wallet solution, is looking to hire additional software engineers. […]

Bitfinex Phishing

New Phishing Email Appears As Bitfinex Reopens The Exchange

by JP Buntinxon August 8, 2016
Now that the Bitfinex exchange is relaunching, users have a more detailed overview of their account balances. Some people are still surprised to see the 36% balance cut, even though that was known well in advance. But other people are reporting phishing emails which attempt to defraud Bitfinex users even further. There is never a […]

Jaxx Developers Hint At Upcoming DASH Integration

by JP Buntinxon August 7, 2016
Cryptocurrency wallet providers need to remain on their game at all times. The demands and preferences of crypto users are constantly shifting. Just focusing on supporting one or two currencies is no longer a viable business model. Jaxx, one of the most popular cross-platform wallet solutions, will be adding DASH support shortly. Most people in […]