Tradeshift Joins the Hyperledger Blockchain Consortium

Fintechist Tradeshift Hyperledger Blockchain

The Hyperledger blockchain consortium is firing on all cylinders. With their strong focus on the enterprise sector, they can make a lot of progress. Bringing blockchain to the business sector will not be easy by any means. Tradeshift has become the consortium’s latest member. More specifically, the company is now a premier member, which shows Tradeshift’s commitment to this particular venture.

It is always interesting to see blockchain consortia grow in size. With so many companies exploring DLT, that is only a natural evolution of things. Hyperledger, the well-known Linux Foundation-backed enterprise blockchain consortium is one of the main players in this regard. The group welcomes Tradeshift as their latest premier member. A positive sign of growth for this consortium that will help move things along.

Tradeshift Sees Merit in Blockchain Technology

Some people may know the name Tradeshift already. This particular company specializes in aiding enterprises with sending and paying invoices through the cloud. It is a welcome addition to the Hyperledger consortium, to say the very least. Moreover, they join a long list of companies involved in this consortium already. Accenture, American Express, and IBM make up some of the key members of this consortium so far.

Tradeshift CTO Gert Sylvest comments as follows:

“We’re excited to join Hyperledger and further our investment in distributed ledger technology through such a collaborative and innovative model. In an industry that is continuously transforming, we look forward to contributing to an effort that matches our own values surrounding community, collaboration, interoperability, and openness.”

Building enterprise-grade blockchain projects is not an easy feat. Tradeshift sees a lot of merit in this concept, for obvious reasons. The next goal is to build industry-centric applications and platforms. With over 160 members on board, Hyperledger continues to be elevated to new heights on a regular basis.It will be interesting to see what type of applications Tradeshift is interested in building. There are plenty of opportunities to explore when it comes to the blockchain.

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