Multiple efforts all over the world focus on going cashless. It makes sense to a lot of governments, but not necessarily to consumers. Bury FC, one of the many football teams in the United Kingdom, is making a bold change. Thanks to their new prepaid card system, there is no more use for cash right now. This new functionality works through the Tappit app. It is an interesting decision by the team that may set a major precedent.

Most fans of Bury FC will know the name Tappit. it is the main away shirt sponsor for the football club. They are now getting a foothold in the home stadium as well. As of today, Energy Check Stadium no longer deals with cash transactions. Instead, everything is done through a prepaid card system. It is not the first innovation of this kind in the UK, though. However, it is the first football team to make such a major change.

Bury FC no Longer Wants Your Cash

Cashless solutions are becoming more prominent in the world of payment processing Especially when it comes to public places, such as a football stadium, these new solutions can make a big impact. Moreover, removing cash should help improve the customer experience as well. Bury FC fans can now get a prepaid Bury-branded card to use at all payment terminals throughout the stadium. The main benefits come when purchasing refreshments, which becomes far less cumbersome.

Tappit CEO Rob Groombridge comments as follows:

“When we first spoke to Bury about becoming a sponsor, we discussed taking the stadium cashless and were delighted to find the club keen to embrace the new technology. This is the first step in Bury’s journey to becoming the UK’s first cashless stadium, leading the way in payment innovation within football. We look forward to giving Bury fans a great cashless experience for many years to come.”

Four different concession stands will support the new prepaid card. This includes the Retail Shop, which is pretty significant for Bury FC fans. The club will also gain valuable insights as to how fans spend their money while on the premises. This will hopefully lead to better fan engagement and personalized offers. The big question is whether or not other UK football teams will follow the example of Bury FC in this regard.

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