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UPRISE Festival Is A Must-Attend For FinTech Startups

by on May 3, 2016

UPRISE is one of the most exciting conferences enthusiasts can attend during the year, as this event is not about talks or presentations, but rather focuses on participation. The next UPRISE event will take place in Dublin on October 20th, and FinTech players need to take note of the opportunities that await.

The UPRISE Experience For FinTech Startups

It is always positive to see events happening in Europe, especially when the focus is not on talks or egos for a change. Not that there’s anything wrong with the traditional conference model in Europe, mind you, but the primary purpose should be to connect people with each other, rather than having hundreds of attendees sit on a chair in front of a stage where somebody promotes their own product.

UPRISE Festival falls into this latter category, as this is a festival Рrather than a conference Рfor startups, enthusiasts, and job seekers. Moreover, they do not focus on one particular area, as technology, gaming, FinTech, interaction, and a wide variety of workshops are all on the agenda. Attendees will have a great experience, which is far more valuable than seeing one particular presentation on a stage.

Startups are the primary focus of UPRISE Festival, as the future of our society will depend on what these companies can bring to the table. Fintech startups will play an important role in this process, which is why it would be in their best interest to attend this event. Not just to showcase their own product, but also to attract new talent, engage in meaningful conversations, and potentially secure investment.

Keeping in mind how this festival will be taking place in Dublin, which is slowly becoming the FinTech capital of Europe, there seems to be an obvious connection between finance and innovation. Moreover, FinTech startups who want to showcase their product or service can host a workshop during the event, which is always an excellent way to gain additional attention.

Additionally, there is also a pitch battle, where a total of eight startups compete in front of a jury to win the grand prize. More information can be found on the Pitch Battle page, and the submission deadline is Wednesday, August 24th. Prizes are provided by IBM, Microsoft, and Facebook, although no further details have been announced just yet.

Website: UPRISE Dublin 2016

Header image courtesy of UPRISE

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