Walgreens stores are pretty common across the US. It is also a convenient place to do some quick shopping. With over 7,000 drugstore locations across the US, it is a household name for most Americans. Allpoint, the largest surcharge-free ATM network, is now installing teller machines in all Walgreens locations. This is a pretty significant development for both parties.

Bringing more functionality to Walgreens drugstores can only be a good thing. The company has quickly grown out to a household name in the US market. Everyone has visited one of these stores in their life. They offer some interesting goods which can be picked up with relative ease. As such, the company now has close to 7,000 locations through the United States. A very solid number that will probably continue to grow.

A big Step Forward for Walgreens and Allpoint

It now seems all of these locations have additional functionality. Every location can now benefit from Allpoint’s ATM functionality. This surcharge-free ATM network is quickly becoming very popular in the region. These new ATMs are making their way to locations all over the country, including key metropolitan areas. New York City and Chicago are two very important regions as of right now. It is good to see more functionality come to these drugstores.

Cardtronics Managing Director Brian Bailey comments:

“Our Allpoint surcharge-free ATM network, featuring an unrivaled scale and density of high-quality retail locations like Walgreens, is increasingly being embraced as the perfect cash access complement to the digital strategy of banks and credit unions of all sizes. The Allpoint Network provides the high-value physical network that empowers financial institutions to focus on their digital initiatives, while still providing the convenient, surcharge-free cash access their cardholders demand.”

It will be interesting to see how this venture plays out. More specifically, cash is still very important across the US. Even in this era of digital payments, cold hard cash remains king for smaller purchases. This also explains the launch of these ATMs across Walgreens locations. With an easy option to withdraw money from a teller machine, the customers may spend more money during their drugstore visit. It will be interesting to see what the future holds in this regard.

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