After months of work, Cryptopay is happy to announce that their services can now be enjoyed on all Android-powered devices. Meaning, users can comfortably manage their bitcoins no matter where they may be. Send your bitcoins, exchange them, and load up your Cryptopay prepaid card all from the comfort of your phone. Not only does the app give you full control over your money on the go, but it also allows you to order their prepaid cards. With their prepaid cards being accepted everywhere major cards are, the pairing of the app and their cards has made it even easier to use bitcoins in day to day life. Earlier this year, they brought their service to iOS, and it’s been a big success, achieving around 20,000 users. It only seems logical that they would adapt their service to android.

“Bitcoin grows in popularity each day, and with that comes the demand for holders to be able to use them in a convenient way. Cryptopay has been enabling users around the world to seamlessly and efficiently manage and spend their bitcoins, so of course, we want our service available to all users on the go, not just to those who have iPhones.”

-George Basiladze CEO

Imagine that you’ve been out shopping all day looking for that perfect gift for this holiday season. Everywhere you go is a madhouse, and everything you want is sold out. What a drag, but then you come across the exact gift that will surely be a hit this holiday season. You’ve got the gift, successfully navigated the maze of a queue, and you’re finally up to the cashier. You try to use your Cryptopay card, but to no avail because it keeps coming back as declined, much to the dismay of you and the cashier. You pull your phone out, and realize your funds haven’t been loaded to your card. Don’t fret, just load up your card, and now it finally goes through. Think of the Cryptopay card as you would your regular bank card, except that the Cryptopay card has been integrated with bitcoins. If your bank card is accepted somewhere, then so is your cryptopay card. In addition to making purchases with your card, it can also be used to withdraw money from ATMs worldwide.

Don’t have a card? Not a problem, Cryptopay offers both virtual and plastic cards that are available to order through the mobile app. The main advantages of the virtual cards could be the fact that you can’t lose it. What’s more, is that the card is immediately ready for use after the order is made, no need to wait for shipping and processing.

The full features of the app are as followed:

  • Convert your money
    • Convert your BTC to USD, EUR, or GBP, and vise-versa
  • Card loads
    • Load your card with funds from your Cryptopay account
  • Send Bitcoins
    • Scan the QR code, or enter the BTC address
    • Choose the amount
    • Hit send
  • Order both plastic and virtual cards
    • Plastic cards are accepted at shops and ATMs worldwide, while their virtual cards are optimal for online shopping and recurring subscriptions

About Cryptopay Ltd: Cryptopay is a financial services company based in London, U.K. that has been in operation since 2013. They provide merchant processing, a digital wallet/exchange, and prepaid debit cards. With over 87,000 prepaid cards issued and around 450,000 users they’ve asserted themselves as a leading service provider in the EU. In addition to the aforementioned services, Cryptopay is also focusing on implementing more digital currencies to their wallet/exchange as well as developing their highly anticipated Bitcoin brokerage platform.


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