Cryptocurrency debit cards are still incredibly popular right now. Both Visa and Mastercard are trying to fight this growing trend whenever possible. Wirex is one of the very few companies still able to issue such debit cards as of right now. Their partner goes by the name of Contis, who will pay a valuable service to Wirex users all over the world.

It is evident cryptocurrency debit cards are still in high demand. Unfortunately, it is increasingly difficult to find a service provider in this regard. With Visa and Mastercard cracking down on this activity, the future doesn’t look too bright. Even so, every dark day is followed by sunshine. In this particular case, Wirex and Contis are trying to make a positive impact.

A Major Move by Wirex

More specifically, the new partnership between both companies is worth keeping an eye on. This business agreement will offer payment cards related to cryptocurrency. Additionally, Wirex users will have access to the full current account and contactless payment solutions. This is a pretty big development for the nascent cryptocurrency company. With multi-currency support, spending cryptocurrency for fiat purchases becomes a lot easier.

Wirex CEO Pavel Matveev explains the decision as follows:

“Our decision to partner with Contis was based on our absolute confidence in them being the best at what they do. Their technology and easy-to-use platform means our customers will benefit from a reliable and hassle-free, state-of-the-art solution, that others are years-away from delivering.”

With this three-year agreement in place, things are looking good for both parties. Cryptocurrency users will be pleased to hear there is still a debit card solution available. Whether or not there will be much demand for this service, is a different matter altogether. The virtual cards will go live next week, whereas their physical counterparts won’t launch until May 2018. It is something to look forward to, that much is evident.

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