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Yandex Browser Keeps Online Banking and Payments Details Safe

by on September 15, 2016

Online banking is quickly becoming the new hot trend in fintech these days. Yandex, a leading mobile and internet search provider, is doing things a bit differently, By creating a built-in browser AI, the company will secure details transmitted during this online banking session. An interesting way to prevent data theft, but how does the Yandex Browser work?

Protect, as this browser AI is called, detects whether or not websites are unsafe. If this is the case, the user will be warned about entering financial information. The concept sounds very simple, yet it can be pretty effective if users rely on common sense. Whenever a warning is shown, paying attention seems to be the right thing to do.

The Yandex Browser is using the company’s pioneering machine learning algorithm to distinguish between safe and dangerous websites. Several hundred factors are taken into account during this process. Verifying the SSl certificate is one of the first steps. Moreover it will also check when the domain was registered. This latter option should help weed out a lot of malicious sites.

A Step In The Right Direction For Yandex Browser

But there is more, as users can also find out exact details about third-party payment systems. Al it takes is clicking a browser button to receive specific information. While this feature may not be used by most people, it is an interesting addition. Security can come in many different forms, albeit it may require some intervention by the users themselves.

Yandex Browser Head of Security Victor Karpov explained it as follows:

“Bank card protection is the most recent step in Yandex’s continued efforts to make the internet as safe a place for its users as possible. Global ecommerce is expected to reach around $1,506 billion by 2018, and as the role and influence of ecommerce evolves, big steps need to be taken to ensure that online users around the world can shop online with confidence. We believe that machine learning marks a huge step forward in the fight against personal data theft, and the distribution of malicious code. Our goal is to use the power of artificial intelligence to give ordinary web users peace of mind about the authenticity of a website where they’re disclosing bank details.”

To top it all off, the Yandex Browser switches to protected mode automatically. In doing so, a more thorough requirement for SSL certificates will be enforced. Additionally, this mode disables add-ons and extensions whenever a user accesses online banking platforms. It would not be a bad thing to see these features show up in different browsers as well.

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