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Yoobic Announces New 5-day Go Live Onboarding Package

by on December 17, 2015

Retail tech startup Yoobic is releasing a new 5-day Go Live package, meaning new clients can be up and running using the tool in less than a week.

Following a 4-month trial of the newly streamlined onboarding process, it will be rolled out to all new clients from 6th Dec 2015. Previously, deploying a client campaign could take up to two months, but the company has been able to achieve efficiencies which have greatly simplified the process with no loss of effectiveness.

Clients switching to using Yoobic can start benefiting from the tool almost right away, even if they have large numbers of users and points of sale to integrate. The app itself is extremely user-friendly, with minimal to no training needed.

As part of the onboarding process, Yoobic now connects with the likes of Salesforce, Google Drive and Box, meaning the upload and configuration of thousands of points of sale can now happen at the click of a button, via API integration. Yoobic also has an onboarding taskforce who come to your HQ to train key users and deploy the solution across the infrastructure.

Fabrice Haiat, Yoobic’s co-founder and CEO says:

“We’ve always worked closely with our clients to onboard them seamlessly. Thanks to our intuitive UX, the training required has always been minimal. In fact, in the early days of Yoobic we worked very closely with a French cosmetic brand to really tailor the solution to fit client needs, which means the Yoobic experience today has been scaled from the ground up, to provide the easiest solution possible.”

About Yoobic:

● Yoobic is a mobile productivity tool helping brands and retail stores connect more
easily. The tool merges all brand-store communications into a single channel via a
user-friendly mobile app, saving time and money on both sides.

● The company is based in London, has 17 employees and was co-founded in 2014 by
three French brothers, Fabrice, Gilles and Avi Haiat.

● Over 30 major brands throughout Europe are already using Yoobic, including C&A,
Sanofi and Darty. The company expects to be expanding into Germany, the US and
China in the next few months.

● Yoobic has taken part in TechCrunch Disrupt London’s Startup Battlefield recently.

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