Alipay continues to make a big impact in the world of finance. This payment solution is becoming a new form of payment in plenty of countries as we speak. Finland is the latest country to enable support for this mobile solution. Considering how this is mainly designed to benefit Chinese travelers, it will be interesting to see how this plays out. At this rate, Alipay will easily become the first truly global mobile payment solution in the world.

We have seen a lot of positive news involving Alipay over the years. This particular payment method is commonly accepted all over the world. While it is designed for Chinese users, the mobile solution makes inroads all over the world. Even in Europe, things are progressing nicely in this regard. The latest country to enable this mobile option is none other than Finland. A group of Chinese travelers completed their cashless journey to Finland. All transactions were made through Alipay without any notable problems.

Another big Step Forward for Alipay

Using this payment method can be done in different ways. Chinese travelers can book flights, make retail purchases, and visit museums. For example. It will be difficult to find a popular location in Helsinki, where this mobile payment option is not supported as of right now. Finland is also the first country outside of China where users can use smartphone payments for any type of purchase. Not having to worry about bringing foreign currency is a big improvement for tourists.

Zoe Cai, one of the travelers, comments as follows:

“I didn’t expect us to be able to use Alipay almost everywhere in Finland. I brought some cash with me, but the only place I got to use it was in a supermarket in Rovaniemi. At first, we were surprised when so many merchants accepted Alipay, but after this experience, we may be surprised if a merchant doesn’t accept Alipay when we travel next time.”

All of this shows there is a growing demand for mobile payments. This applies to any service active in this particular segment. Alipay seems to have a lot more traction compared to competing solutions. At the same time, someone has to set the tone for the rest of the world to follow. Whether or not other payment methods will be supported, remains to be seen.

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