Over the last half-decade, the bitcoin and cryptocurrency spaces have been at the forefront of technology and innovation Hundreds, if not thousands, of companies have sprung up to help build out the infrastructure that now exists and underpins the industry and these companies have, in turn, employed tens of thousands of tech and otherwise minded individuals as they have grown.

When an industry is relatively young (as is the case with the bitcoin and blockchain industry right now) the ability to gauge just how much of an impact it is having on things like economics and is limited. Metrics haven’t been established yet and the companies that comprise the industry in question are, by nature, young themselves and either fast-growing (making them difficult to keep track of) or start-ups, which often don’t survive long enough to allow themselves an opportunity to establish themselves as part of the permanent framework in the sector in question.

Well, we just got some degree of insight into this arena and it’s telling a very interesting story about the space. In a report published by online jobs platform Freelancer.com, which is the self-styled global leader in the online employment space, and subsequently covered by CNBC (available here), bitcoin-related jobs are the fastest-growing category of role on the international employment marketplace. Specifically, this category saw a growth rate of more than 82% during the third quarter of 2017. Cryptography is reportedly up 59%.

Here’s what company CEO (the CEO of Freelancer, that is) Matt Barrie had to say about the rise and what’s driving it:

“Our global community has expertise across over 1,000 areas, so if you are living in Poland but would like help with setting up your ICO, then we give entrepreneurs a place to turn… Recent projects include an opportunity for designs for an Initial Coin Offering, a CTO with Bitcoin knowledge, creating new altcoin currencies, blockchain whitepapers, cryptocurrency content writers, help with a gambling blockchain.”

This development, of course, isn’t entirely unexpected – we know that this is a fast-growing industry. To have it confirmed by some data from a reputable source, however, lends credence to this knowledge.


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