Making cryptocurrency more appealing to the masses remains a big challenge. While consumers show an interest in Bitcoin and similar currencies, they are less likely to buy them directly. Boerse Stuttgart acknowledges this problem and plans to change things. Their Sowa Labs subsidiary will unveil a prototype app to make crypto trading more straightforward.

Consumers have shown a knack for cryptocurrency trading. Albeit just in limited fashion, the interest is growing. Bison, the new application by Sowa Labs aims to make it easier to buy and trade cryptocurrency. This subsidiary of Boerse Stuttgart acknowledges the demand for Bitcoin is not slowing down, despite the recent price fluctuations.

An Interesting Decision by Boerse Stuttgart

The main purpose of Bison is to offer fee-free access to investment in cryptocurrencies Charging no cost for this venture is pretty interesting, Most service providers thrive due to the fees associated with these new markets. Boerse Stuttgart wants to head in a completely different direction, which is pretty positive overall.

It is the first cryptocurrency app in the world to be powered by a traditional stock exchange company. That in itself will make Bison all the more appealing to regular consumers and investors. It also helps legitimize this crypto investment opportunity in quick succession.  Whether or not there will be a real interest in this app, is a different matter.

As of right now, investing in cryptocurrencies is still subject to proverbial barriers. Consumers do not like the concept of ID checks, which often take several days to complete. With Bison, the whole process should go a lot smoother. Additionally, it offers an AI-based news filter to display recent announcements

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