Red Box has bold plans in terms of expanding its voice capture capabilities. A new partnership with Cloud9 will help the firm introduce seamless integration with leading compliance archiving and analytics tools. This makes it easier for organizations to audit 100% of calls and gain additional business insights.

A lot of things can be learned from analyzing trader voice patterns. Cloud9 taps Red Box for this specific venture, as they want to explore the opportunities further. Red Box is known for being the leading platform for voice altogether. Cloud9 offers a cloud-based trader voice communications platform known as C9 Trader.

A Solid Partnership for Trader Voice Capture

By combining the best of both worlds, Cloud9 can expand its call recording and archiving options for its clients. Their main focus is on interoperating with major systems across the trader workflow. Under the current regulations, investment firms need to keep complete records of trade-related conversations. This new integration will help them achieve that goal moving forward.

Red Box CPO Pete Ellis adds:

“Financial services organizations need a way to capture all communications around a trade so that events can be quickly and easily reconstructed if requested by the regulators. Voice remains a key communication method in a trading environment and conversations will be taking place across multiple platforms; cloud-based and traditional telephony systems, or mobile phones – all of which can be captured in one place by Red Box.”

By auditing 100% of all calls, RedBox and CLoud9 can unlock valuable business insights accordingly. Cloud9 continues to introduce new options for customers to make the most of this offering. At the same time, regulatory compliance needs to be ensured and maintained at all times. A positive partnership which will benefit all parties involved.


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