Cryptocurrency trading platforms are of great interest to people all over the world. The main challenge for these companies is to remain regulatory compliant. Omniex acknowledges this is a very big struggle. To adhere to existing guidelines, the firm is adding people with the right expertise to its advisory board.

For Omniex, regulatory compliance is one of the main points of focus. This cryptocurrency investment and trading platform is looking to improve its position. Hiring regulatory heavyweights will certainly help move things along in the coming months. The firm’s board of advisors welcomes former SEC chairman Arthur Levitt and ex-FDIC chair Sheila Blair.

More Positive News for Omniex

It is not the first time Levitt explores options in the cryptocurrency world. He is an advisor to BitPay and Blockchain, among a few other companies. That makes him the perfect man for the job, due to the combined experience from cryptocurrency and traditional finance. Sheila Blair is the founding chair of the Systemic Risk Council. For Omniex, both additions can help elevate the company to a whole new level.

Former SEC Chairman Arthur Levitt adds:

“Institutional investors need purpose-built technology to solve the challenges they face today and equipped to handle the hidden obstacles they’ll encounter tomorrow in this new asset class. Omniex is ahead of the curve and will be the conduit that unifies the current fragmented crypto-ecosystem into a streamlined infrastructure.”

Omniex is looking to make a lasting impact on the cryptocurrency industry. The firm secured $10m in funding last year and is now expanding in an aggressive manner. The firm is looking to have its compliance in place first and foremost. This proactive approach will help the company improve its position, as well as introduce overall growth to the cryptocurrency industry.


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