Switzerland’s Crypto Valley project has gained a lot of attention. The canton of Zug is very keen on blockchain technology and the use of Bitcoin. To make this location even more attractive, a blockchain incubator will be created soon. The goal is to entice more startups to check out what Switzerland has to offer for those specific industries.

Incubators play an increasing role of importance in the financial sector. In most cases, those incubators pertain to startups looking to introduce new features and services. Crypto Valley is a bit of a different creature in this regard. This part of Switzerland is only interested in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies first and foremost.

Another Step Forward for Crypto Valley

Known as CV VC, the incubator will hopefully attract more companies active in either of these industries. The main focus lies on funding, education, and mentoring. CV VC will cover all stages of crypto and blockchain development accordingly. Additionally, the incubator will provide seed funding to promising early-stage startups.

CV VC CEO Mathias Ruch adds:

“The time is ripe for CV VC. After the initial phase of pioneers, traditional investors and big players of the ‘old economy’ are starting to take note. Analysts now speak of a new dawn for the industry, with serious companies, serious people and serious money coming into the space.”

There will be three key pillars to CV VC’s investment division. One group focuses on the incubator, whereas the others focus on pre-ICO and post-ICO investments respectively. Given the global success of initial coin offerings, things will only get more interesting for companies looking to explore either of these industries. It is another example of how serious Switzerland is about embracing these growing industries.


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